Friday, September 16, 2011

Cats in the Galaxy (Double Review)

Today, September 16th marks the date of two "new" releases. The first being the Star Wars The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray, and the second is the Lion King 3D in theaters! Two great releases at once always means trouble deciding what to see. So I'm going to help you choose wisely.

The Star Wars Complete Saga on BluRay is not only one of the best series of movies being released in a gigantic box set with tons of bonus features and clips, but it is the best series of movies being released in a box set with tons of bonus features and clips.. for only $79.99! Honestly, think about that, Princess Leia... in crystal clear picture. An average Blu-Ray movie is anywhere from $20-$25. Well there's six, count em, six movies in this box set, which means 6 x 20 = 120. $120.00 is the normal price for this box set and it is being sold for 80 dollars. Who can beat that price? And not to mention, it is FILLED with hours of special features. These include Audio Commentaries (each film contains two), Interviews (Over two hours of these), "The Collection" which is a better look at the costumes, robots etc. from the film, Concept Art Gallery which holds over one hundred different concepts, Archive Fly-Through (visual tour of the LucasFilm's archives), and of course, over an hour and a half of deleted scenes! Did I mention that all of this happening is in crystal picture on Blu-Ray?! The Star Wars geeks will be wetting themselves after purchasing and watching everything the box set has to offer, no doubt. But what about those who have never seen Star Wars? Lets say this. After viewing the content of this box set, those who haven't seen the films yet will turn into Star Wars fanboys. Yes, it's THAT powerful. So if you're all about those picture-perfect-quality space movies with tons of bonus features that you can watch straight from your living room, then this is definitely for you.

Now our next "new release", the Lion King 3D in theaters near you. This is everybodys' favorite Disney classic being brought to us in the movie theaters. Unfortunately, you're not going to get all the bonus features and bells and whistles from this movie, but what you are going to get, is a great 3D experience for any age. The movie is still the same, just remastered in beautiful 3D. (Who doesn't like 3D?) The catch: This special release is only going to be in theaters for 2 weeks!.... Until it is brought onto Blu-Ray in early October. The run time is 1 hour and 29 minutes and is filled with hyenas and wildebeasts popping out of the screen and scaring the living sh** out of you. Just kidding, they won't scare you... I hope. Overall, it's still the amazing Disney movie everybody has come to love, just on steroids. If you want the 3D theater experience, go ahead and go to the movie theaters before times up. Or if you can wait till it comes out on Blu Ray, then you've got one month left to wait, my friends. And if you hate Lion King and everything about it, then I don't know why you're reading this and go buy the Star Wars The Complete Saga box set on Blu-Ray.

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